• New Year 2013

    Posted on January 2, 2013 by in Blog

    New Year 2013

    New Year 2013 is going to be a superb year! Firstly, after a very long period of hesitating and going through the ups and downs in personal area, i am finally up and ready to make this New Year 2013 the most explosive year. While Aaron Ng is up and ready, so is my new website: AaronNg.name.

    For those who are really close to me, they will know that for the past 2 years it is really the downs and bottom of my cycle as everything seems to be falling apart. But Praise to our Lord Jesus, it is also during this period that i am being saved and now i am ready and really excited about what new year 2013 had for me!

    As i am saved by our Saviour Jesus Christ, things were not smooth for me as well. Even thought we are now under the new covenant of Jesus Christ, but the church which i am attending previous is still guiding us based on the old teaching and this is when all the condemnation of one-self started. As the law was introduced, it fuelled the SIN for it to take place. So my brothers and sisters in Christ, we are now in the new covenant of Jesus Christ and it is by his perfect finished work at the Cross that we are saved! It is never by our own means and law keeping of our own efforts. It is all by his great Love for us and his Grace (Unmerited Favor) that we can now freely receive from our heavenly father as we are made whole by his broken body and cleanse by his blood. Hallelujah! Follow me on my Booster Blog as i share on my journey with our Lord Jesus Christ!

    All by his grace for me in New Year 2013, i am looking forward to what my Lord has planned for me. By his strength, i have the faith and love from him to dream BIG for 2013. New Year 2013 is going to be the year like never before because of not what i have, but who i have.

    With new business ideas and dreams popping up for this New Year, i am going to focus on using internet as the main platform for all my businesses. I will be using internet marketing for my Real Estate business, starting up new Joint Venture with existing business owners, sharing and advising business owners on how to leverage on the Internet platform for this new era. Not forgetting to start building the automated internet business model so that passive income can start growing very soon too!

    Previously I intended to open a blog category as Internet Marketing to share on the basics of how to get your own website up and running. But i decided to combine all under my Booster Blog separating into different tags instead for easy “housekeeping” and management. So, if you are worried that you do not have the necessary knowledge, fear not as I will be sharing on necessary topics such as buying of domains, setting up web hosting servers and building your own website to get you started.

    The world of Internet is so mystery, exciting and full of opportunities! So it is never too late to acquire the right skill sets and knowledge to improve yourself as well as your businesses for this New Year. Contact Me if you need more details or advice on how i can assist you and your business.

    New Year 2013 is going to be my Best year ever and i will made sure that i update my sharing as frequent as possible by value adding and sharing on the stuff and events i encountered as well as spreading the positive energy of Life! So be sure to subscribe to my Facebook post or follow me on twitter or catch me at my Google+ as we update each other on our journey for this New Year and be sure to push and help each other along the way. Ciao!

    Remember that it is all by God’s Grace!

    PS: As of 01 January 2013, i am 10,250 days old! Wow!!