• Finished (New Singles 2015)

    Posted on April 7, 2015 by in Blog, Daddy God, Music

    Hi Everybody,

    Its been awhile since my last post(more than 1 year?).. But now i’m back to share another great song from New Creation Church Singapore. Thank you Pastor Joseph Prince for this FREE song “Finished” from album by New Creation Worship team; which was given to bless us on Resurrection Sunday (05 April 2015).

    Finished Singles on  Resurrection Sunday

    I am so looking forward to the official album launch on Sunday, 26 April 2015.

    If you love this song/album too, don’t forget to get a copy of the whole album or more copies to bless someone!

    Click HERE to download this very nice song; “Finished” from New Creation Church Singapore.

    Note: The download will be available until Thursday, 30 April 2015.

    As always, i would like to share on the wonderful lyrics for this song “Finished”. The finished work of our Lord Jesus.

    Finished (full lyrics)

    Surely as the dawn awakes
    Your love for me will never fade
    Relentless love pursued my soul
    Till condemnation lost its hold

    No other works can qualify
    You paid in full salvation’s price
    I’m given life by nail-scarred hands
    To worship You with all I am

    You took my sin
    The just for the unjust
    You made me Yours
    Through Your redeeming blood

    Conquered death
    Reversing every curse
    You broke the chains
    You tore the veil
    Glorious King
    The name above all names
    You paid in full
    You rose to reign

    Everything gained I count loss
    In the light of the cross
    Every demand made You paid
    With the stripes that You bore
    You are all I need
    You are all I need

    If you love this song, don’t forgot to download before Thursday, 30 April 2015. Click HERE to download this very nice song; “Finished”. 

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